Hope Church - Truth, Life, Hope
a hope church sunday meeting
Who's Who?

Hope Church is is led by a team of Elders. We don't have a full-time 'minister' or 'pastor'. We believe that every member of the church is a 'minister' and we can all play a full and active part in the life of the church.

Leadership Team

Andy Barclay-Watt leads the team. He is also part of the Salt & Light UK Team, and leads a group of churches in North Wales and North West England, as well as being Senior Leader of LifeChurch, Manchester.

Kevin and Bryony Mundy

Kevin headed up the leadership team from 2007 to 2012. He and Bryony have a passion for church as family and community. Kevin is Director of Planning and Governance at Bangor University. Bryony is very involved in the local community and works part time in the village school. They have two daughters, and live on Anglesey.

Apostolic Input

Hope Church is supported by an apostolic input from the Salt & Light UK Team, to whom the leaders are also accountable.