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Hope Church Virtual Library

Below is a list of resources available in our virtual library.  If you would like to borrow from the library, please email info@hopechurchbangor.org.


Transforming Society - Dream or Possibility - Dave Richards
Getting the Gospel through to young people - Andy Hawthorn
Marriage, management & ministry - Rob Parsons
Mobilising the church for church planting - Colin Baron
Cross-cultural evangelism in the UK - Len & Debi Barlotti
Think Big, Very Big - Steve Thomas
The return of the Prodigal - Rob Parsons & Jonathan Booth
Passion for Young People -  Andy Hawthorn
Jesus' resurrection & God's new creation - Bishop Tom Wright
God's power, God's salvation, God's Justic - Bishop Tom Wright
Passion for the lost - Ruth Norris
The Kingdom of God and the Supernatural - Dave Richards
Stick At It - Andy Lewis
Make a Difference to the World & Make a World of Difference - Dave Hagon
Prayer - Colin King
Handling Enemy Attack - Tom Giles
Organising your Quiet Times - Andy Taylor
Foundations for Fruitfulness - Andy Barclay-Watt
God's Glory - Nick Matthews
The Growth of the Kingdom of God - Andy Barclay-Watt
Who on Earth is God - Andy Lewis
The Hopes and Fears of All the Years - Andy Lewis

Hope Church - the Vision
1. What Hope? - Andy Lewis
2. Truth, Life, HOPE - Andy Lewis
3. HOPE - How do you spell it? - Andy Lewis

Church: Revolutions (Ephesians)
1. The One - Ephesians Ch 1 - Andy Lewis
2. God's Red Pill - Ephesians Ch 2 - Andy Lewis
3. Mystery Solved - Ephesians Ch 3 - Andy Lewis
4. Jesus Utd - Ephesians Ch 4:1-16 - Andy Lewis
5. Revolution begins at home - Ephesians Ch 4:17-32 - Andy Lewis
6. Church without walls - Ephesians Ch 5-6:10 - Andy Lewis
7. The battle of our lives - Ephesians Ch 6:11-24 - Kevin Mundy

A Good God for Tough Times
1. Hannah (1 Sam 1 + 2:19-21) - Andy Lewis
2. Stephen (Acts 6:8-7:60) - Andy Lewis
3. Martha (John 11:1-44) - Andy Lewis

Living the Life
1. Worship - Andy Lewis
2. Giving - Andy Lewis
3. Work - Kevin Mundy

Series on John
Something to get hold of - Andy Lewis
Less is more - Andy Lewis
You are what you eat - Andy Lewis
Life after "Life after death" - Andy Lewis
Problem, Solution, Result - Andy Lewis
My Dad's bigger than your Dad - Mat Walls
The Shepard and the Sheep - Kevin Mundy
Jesus  Wept - Brian Watson
The twp faces of worship - Kevin Mundy
The hour has come - Andy Lewis
Final Part - Kevin Mundy

Born to Build (Nehemiah)
1. A New Hope - Andy Lewis
2. Justice and Mercy - A plumbline for living - Kevin Mundy
3. The Bible - Building by the Book - Allen Winter
4. Building with a Purpose - Andy Lewis
5. Born to Build - Andy Lewis

Relationships - Mark and Sarah Smith

Stories Jesus Told
1. Hidden Treasure - Lose to Win - Allen Winter
2. True Foundations - Wise and Foolish Builders - Kevin Mundy
3. The Banqet - Andy Lewis
4. Disclipleship - Counting the Cost - Andy Lewis
5. Disclipleship pm - examples and conclusion

The Church: Revolutions
The One - Andy Lewis
God's Red Pill - Andy Lewis
Jesus United - Andy Lewis
Revolution begins at home - Andy Lewis
The battle of our lives - Kevin Mundy
Church Without Walls - Andy Lewis

The Trinity - confused?
The Divinity of the Son - Andy Lewis
The Divinity of the Holy Spirit - Kevin Mundy

What Did Jesus Say About...?
Prayer - Allen Winter
Truth - Andy Lewis
Worry - Kevin Mundy
Choice - Nick Matthews
Life - Andy Lewis

The Life of Joseph
Handling frustrations and hte timing of God - Chris Eales

Individual Talks from 2006
Enjoying Life - Kevin Mundy
Living in the Kingdom - Andy Barclay-Watt
Receiving Eternal Life - Gwyn Harding-Jones
Spiritual Gifts - Allen Winter
The Power of Praise - Andy Lewis

Individual Talks from 2005
An apostolic church - Aled Griffith
God Extends his favour to people - Andy Barclay-Watt
Making a difference/impacting our society - Andy Barclay-Watt
Money Special - Andy Lewis
The God who calls things that are not - Andy Lewis
The Kingdom of God - Aled Griffith

Individual Talks from 2004
5 F's - Andy Barclay Watt
Do what He tells you - Dave Hagon
Foundations for Fruitfulness - Andy Barclay-Watt
Gideon - David Scott
God's Glory - Nick Matthews
Growing into victorious spiritual athletes - Clive Potter
Handling enemy attack - Tom Giles
How to have a great body - Mark Smith
Prayer - Colin King
The Christmas "Extra's" - Andy Lewis
The Growth of the Kingdom - Andy Barclay-Watt

Individual Talks from 2003
What Hope? - Andy Lewis
Hope - How do you spell it? - Andy Lewis
What About Church? - Andy Lewis


Marriage Matters - Rob & Dianne Parsons
Small Talk - children's views of God's kingdom
Just Fiona - Fiona Castle's life without Roy
What they didn't teach me in Sunday School - Rob Parsons


A Year at St Yorick’s – ­Adrian Plass
Active Spirituality – Charles Swindoll
Anything you ask – Colin Urquhart
Bringing home the prodigals – Rob Parsons
Father, make us one – Floyd McClung
Growing in the Prophetic – Mike Bickle
Loving Against the Odds – Rob Parsons
Loving the God who loves you - Floyd McClung
Men & Masculinity – Roy McCloughry
Men are from Israel, Women are from MoabWakefield & Brolsma
Money, Sex & Power – Richard Foster
Stress Family Robinson – Adrian Plass
The Body – Charles Colson
The Father heart of God - Floyd McClung
The Grace Awakening – Charles Swindoll
The Growing up pains of Adrian Plass – Adrian Plass
The Heart of Success – Rob Parsons
The sacred diary of Adrian Plass age 37¾ - Adrian Plass
The Sixty Minute Father – Rob Parsons
The Sixty Minute Marriage – Rob Parsons
The Sixty Minute Mother – Rob Parsons
The Sixty Second Father – Rob Parsons
The Sixty Second Marriage – Rob Parsons
The way we work – Cynthia Ulrich Tobias
Under His wings – Patsy Clairmont
View from a bouncy castle – Adrian Plass
Wake up to work – Geoff Shattock
What every kid wished their parents knew – Rob & Lloyd Parsons
What they didn’t teach me in Sunday School – Rob Parsons
When men think private thoughts – Gordon MacDonald
When the handwriting on the wall is in brown crayon – Susan Lenkes
Work & Worship – Ben Patterson
Work… Prison or place of destiny – David Oliver
A Life Worth Living – Nicky Gumbel
Elijah – Anointed & Stressed – Jeff Lucas
Lifebuilder Bible Study Book – Christian Character
Lifebuilder Bible Study Book – Evangelism – A way of Life
Lifebuilder Bible Study Book – Fruit of the Spirit
Lifebuilder Bible Study Book – Revelation
Rainbows through the Rain – Fiona Castle
A History of English Christianity – 1920-1985
Baptism – Michael Green
Christianity for Beginners – Tommy Cannon & Bobby Ball
Creation & Temptation – Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Daniel – Paul Yonggi Cho
Discipleship – David Watson
Elijah – F B Meyer
God has Spoken – J J Packer
Questions of Life – Nicky Gumbel
Searching Issues – Nicky Gumbel
Surprised by Joy – C S Lewis
The Christian in Complete Armour (3 vols) – William Gurnall
The Cross of Christ – John Stott
The Early Christian Fathers – Henry Bettenson
The Early Church – Henry Chadwick
The Fight – John White
The Hard Sayings of Jesus – F F Bruce
The Lion Book of Christian Thought – Tony Lane
The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief
The Penguin Dictionary of Religions
The Screwtape Letters – C S Lewis
The World’s religions – Ninian Smart
When the Spirit comes with power – John White
Don’t just stand there… pray something – Ronald Dunn
The Edge of Glory – David Adam
Too busy not to pray – Bill Hybels

Out of the Saltshaker – Rebecca Manley Pippert
Power Evangelism – John Wimber
Sowing, Reaping, Keeping – Laurence Singlehurst
Taking our cities for God – John Dawson

Among God’s Giants – J I Packer
Joni – Joni Eareckson
Secret Strength – Joni Eareckson Tada
Prophecy in the local Church – David Pytches
Some said it thundered – David Pytches


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