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The Church needs you!

We need your help!

Part of Hope Church's values is that every member plays their part.  But time and again we can think about this and decide that we're going to and then there doesn't seem to be anything immediate to do so we leave the thought and get on with our lives.  This page is here to suggest to you what you can do to play an active role in the church.

Opportunities to serve

So, what can I do...?

How often do you think about church throughout the week let alone pray for it?  We can make a massive difference to the life of the church if we're praying every day for its members, for the work it's doing and for the area around it.

Help out on a Sunday

It can be easy to come to church on a Sunday, sit down, sing a few songs, listen to a talk, have a cup of tea and leave again.  This is great!  But all these things need people taking an active role too.  Why don't you think about what you can do on a Sunday morning?  Here are a few ideas
  • Are you, or would you like to be technical? Come at 10am to help set up the PA before the service-talk to Nathan Allen.
  • Arrive 10 mins early and help set up the non-technical things
  • If you're a musical person could you join the worship team?  If you are interested, talk to Emma Houlden.
  • Prayer Ministry is an important part of the life of the church so if you're interested in joining the team, speak to Bryony Mundy.
  • Do you have a heart for kids - FROG squad is looking for new leaders.  If you are interested talk to Barbara Price.
  • Creche is also looking for volunteers-see Magali Roberts.
  • Could you help serve the tea and coffee?  If you are interested, talk to Kat Waterworth.
  • Can you stay for an extra 10 mins at the end and help clear chairs away?

Schools Team

Hope Church has always met in school buildings and we are hoping to expand on that link by going into these schools and sharing what we believe with them.  If you would like to help out with assemblies, lessons or other activities then speak to Hannah. Even if you feel you don't want to get practically involved please share any ideas or experience you have.

I have more ideas...!

If you have more ideas of stuff we can be doing in the church or areas which you'd like to get involved with speak to Hannah. Or as ever e-mail info@hopechurchbangor.org
Salt & Light

Hope Church is a member of the Salt & Light family of churches.  Click to find out more about Salt & Light.

Have you never been to church before?

Various things we get up to!

A quick guide to what we get up to on a Sunday morning.

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What is Christianity about?
All your questions about Jesus answered.
Alpha Course
Information on your nearest Alpha course.
Christian Enquiry Agency
If you don't know about the remarkable life of Jesus Christ and would like free info, look here.

Alpha We regularly run the Alpha course. If you would like to be on the next course or just want some more information...

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