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Why give?

The Bible doesn't teach that we should give to the church, it teaches that we are the church – and we give! The work of the church is funded entirely through the giving of those that are part of it: all our income comes from voluntary donations. Everything belongs to God, and he urges to us be generous with what he has given us. In doing so, we imitate his limitless generosity to us.

We believe in the Biblical principal of 'tithing', which means setting aside at least a tenth of our income for the work of the church, and many of us put this into practice in our own giving. But of course, what we give is entirely between us and God – there are no rules or laws about it: a small amount given wholeheartedly to God is worth more than millions given reluctantly!

Where does the money go?
  • We don't have a full-time minister, but most of our resources are used to pay different people who work part-time for the church, or who visit us from elsewhere to work among us
  • We don't have our own building, but we hire rooms for our Sunday and midweek meetings. For example, our Sunday morning meeting costs about £100 per week in hire fees
  • We set aside resources to help fund outreach into our communities, including reaching people with the Good News of Jesus
  • We respond to individual requests for help as and when they arise
  • As a church to give away at least 10% of our income to other charities or causes. Although this might seem strange, we have decided to do it because we believe in generosity, and we have seen God bless us in it by causing our income to grow – so that we can give even more away!

    Hope Church is a registered charity (No 1109496) which means that we have to act and spend our money in accordance with charitable objects. As a church our charitable objects are advancing the Christian faith and relieving people in need, hardship or distress. We send audited accounts to the Charity Commission annually, and have trustees who are responsible for the running of the charity. The current Trustees are Vicki Barlow, Andy Lewis, Mary Mitchell, Kevin Mundy and Carolyn Snellgrove.

    Further information about the church's charitable status, including complete sets of accounts, can be found here.

    How can I give?

    1. Set up a Standing Order – download: WORD | PDF

    2. Make a one-off Bank Transfer - please ask one of the leaders for the church's bank account details to do this.

    3. By Text - you can give to Hope church by Texting HOPE45 followed by the amount to 70070 e.g. "HOPE45 £5". You can give £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 by this method and 100% of what you give comes direct to the church. The amount will be added to your monthly mobile phone bill.

    4. By cash or cheque - these can be put in the 'Tithes and Offerings' box on the information table on a Sunday morning, or cheques can be sent to Hope Church, c/o Pensarn, Llangristiolus, Bodorgan, Anglesey, LL62 5DT




    If you are tax payer you can sign a Gift Aid declaration and add 25% to every £1 that you give at no extra cost to you. Download a form WORD | PDF

    You must let us know if you no longer pay sufficient tax on your income

    Also under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, all cash gifts of £20 or under given on a Sunday morning are eligible for Gift Aid. All cash bundles over £20 are only eligible for Gift Aid if a form has been completed and the gift is identifiable.

    Please consider how you give to maximise your giving at no extra cost to you