2020 vision
Connect Groups

Throughout the week we meet in small groups called Connect Groups.  We aim to connect with God, connect with each other and connect with the world around us. These groups provide an opportunity for us to share, worship and pray together in a smaller setting, and enable us to apply teaching to help our everyday lives reflect more of Jesus. This is an important part of our discipleship together.

Connect groups aim to grow and multiply. As they do so, they also multiply their core values...

  • JESUS at the centre
  • RELATIONSHIPS as the foundation of a community life together
  • PERSONAL GROWTH in our individual relationships with God
  • EVERY MEMBER MINISTERING to all the others
  • BRINGING OUR FRIENDS TO JESUS as the basis of multiplying all the above
  • Connect Group meetings usually follow a pattern called 'the four Ws' which helps each person to be fully involved. Group members take turns leading each 'W'...

    welcome We usually start the meeting with a simple 'ice-breaker' that helps everyone participate straight away. Often it will be a question which helps us to get to know each other better, such as 'What is your earliest memory?'
    bibleAs a Bible-based church we want to make sure that our lives are in-line with what God says. The 'Word' part of the meeting will use simple, open-ended questions as a starting point for discussion, with the aim of helping us to put into practice the teaching we receive on Sunday mornings.

    hot air balloonsJesus is at the centre of the church and the life of each Christian, so 'Worship' is an opportunity to come to Jesus and express our love and devotion to him. We might sing songs, pray, read passages of scripture, do drawings, share bread and wine together... there are no rules!


    engineConnect Groups don't look inward, but outward - we want to know how we can have an impact on the world around us, blessing people in practical ways and sharing the message of Jesus with everyone. The 'Work' part of the meeting helps us to focus on this.